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need financial help

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naushaba   in reply to Roseb441702   on

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

I need financial help I was looking for someone/organization who can help me.I am in trouble.
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restless and stress I am 58yrs old the cost of living is so high and losing my full time

restless and stress I am 58yrs old the cost of living is so high and losing my full time job over 5yrs ago and taking a job making 1/2 of what I made then doing the same thing and part time barely making ends meet my car is broke down for the third time my checking account in the red because it got hacked into and only make 135.00 a week . Its not much but I need a small loan of 1.000.00 I'm praying for a miracle that I can get back on track
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I am a disabled veteran my husband is a Vietnam Veteran who has many medical needs and has

I am a disabled veteran my husband is a Vietnam Veteran who has many medical needs and has been out of work due to cancer for over 4 years. I have provided for my family by always working three jobs and couponing, praying and living frugally.
My mother passed away recently and we helped my Dad with everything too. I then went back to work with Autistic and CP children with no language and severe special needs.
During this time I had a physical set back and now am suffering seizures at night and am on numerous medications to combat the seizures and anxiety. I still work full time but the cost of living for a family of four is very high. I too could use 5,000 to get back on my feet.
Once my health settles I would be more then willing to over services. I do animal training for service disabilities. I work on family structuring when there is a child young adult with severe diabilities.
Thank you for taking the time to read this I have never done this b4. My son is getting ready to go to college and I can no longer dig any deeper in my pockets. They have holes now and are empty.
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lynda1951   in reply to Anonymous   on

I need money - free money to help pay bills

Im a 61 year old lady..who works PT doing this time tho Im going thru some bad financial problems..I owe the IRS and also am behind on my car payments..and rent..Please can someone help me with a small loan maybe about $4,000.00 so I can get caught up and stable financially..I will repay this loan to the kind person who helps me..I dont want to lose my car or my home.. If you also have sites where I can find extra work..typing..I would appreciate it..Please help me..I dont want to be evicted..
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maria k   in reply to Roseb441702   on

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Please help, my mother has been in Tampa hospital with cancer. We are for Stuart we made the bills with a little help. But now that she still in hospital and were in hotel, waiting for the doctors to take it out, there is no way we can make it this mouth. 585-261-1535 please any help or information will help. God bless
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I am a single mother that has has to sacrifice leaving her apartment sue to not having

I am a single mother that has has to sacrifice leaving her apartment due to not having enough money due to paying for childcare ,rent etc which exceeds my monthly income. My son also struggles with ADHD and possible in the autism spectrum ,which is even more challenging for the two of us .If I dont leave my apartment , my son will have christmas and our hardship will get worsse.Looking to gain my CNA or beyond to grasp back hold of my independence for my son and I.
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help injured worker go to live with wife and child in the Philippines.

l'am a injured worker on a Government Workcover plan, l have been on it for 3 years and have hade 65% of my wages reduced, and under Government rules no more compensation payouts, which has just been passed into law. from my job l recieved Polimumary Embolisis, which is a blood clotting of the lungs problem, and Deep Vein Thrombosis,, which l need to take Warfarin blood thinning medication for the rest of my time, l also have had 5 major surgeries on my spine,, even though l can walk and do things. through my low wage l have exhuasted all my savings. and l send My wife and 18 mths old child in the Philippines half my wage to live. l wish to go and live with my wife and child,, but l no longer have the resources to go, the last time l seen my wife and child was mths ago,, through the Grace of God l live again through my illness,, and l would dearly love to see some years of my daughter grow up before the lord calls me. My daughter cant speak very well, and the last time l seen her she said stay papa,, but l had to go,,and everytime she see's a plane she say's to her mum papa's coming. through my financial situation l may never see them again in person,, but l know from the Grace of our God someone can help me fulfill my dreams. so l can go home to them,, thankyou for your time in reading my plight,,, and may God bless everyone on this sight.
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About goodmommyof2

Hi, I'm a single mom of two wonderful boys.  The last five yrs of my life has been a string a bad luck.  I went from modeling and being in the corporate world in same position for 20 yrs. To someone who is getting evicated and trying to get goverment help and pleaing for financial help.  I divored husband of 17yrs. because he wouldnt seek help with his drinking.  To make a long story short, bad luck started slowly after meeting someone (after divorce) whom I thought I grew to know and got swept off feet.  Didn't buy home, he talked us into moving into his huge home and he has 3 kids and my 2.  So I worked full time and raised 5 kids, 6 if you include him.  Used my house money to make improvments to his home, but I thought I was being smart and demanded if I was using all of our (kids and mine) funds to improve house for all of us then I wanted name on it.  Briefly what happned was he etched away my self esteme and made me feel like I did everything wrong, Felt as though he might have been drifting or interested in other women, we were engaged...but he always had an excuse or logical reason or made me feel as though I was crazy or imagining things. Then slowly agian the violence and domentaring started, and threats if I told anyone or phoned police my mom and or kids would have a problem. So we got out, I wanted to get my money but mentally boys and I needed to leave quickly, after being moved out for 2 yrs. he still botheres me, doesnt want me with anyone, follows, broke into our apartment and redirected all my emails to him, lleft recorders, went through my sons and my own phone.  Before I moved his xwife beat down our door and told me everything, that he has been with her the whole time he was with me, they used my money, everything was a lie.  Oh and the reason of my getting terminated after 20yrs at same job, he had slept with the H.R girl.  He's hidden and shoved me into my door and tryed having his way with me, and all with threats.  I ended up after last episode, calling 911 and getting restraing order.  Now everything of ours is gone, Oh yeh he lost the house after I moved yeh.  Financially single handedly destroyed and mentally and physically abused me, but we have our sanity. My boys got protected from most of this as I dont share with them our now hardships.  They our my life, good kind hearted, honor roll and well mannered deserving the best of life.  Now if I can get back on my feet, I can do all I want to do for them and show them how to really live a good happy life.  We are looking for a house in Temecula,ca. and myself and job, if at all possible in Temecula as well, I as well take care of my bedridden mom, so I have hands full.  Thank you and take care of ones self, we're all we have. 

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Hi there my name is david

I am affraid i am the victim of extortion and betrayal and death threats.

unfortunatly last year i intrusted my business to some undisreable people claiming they could rebuild the business, well i finally i woke up to there terrible plan but it was to late by then.

Im about to loose my mum and dads home i got for them its a morgage and there been living on very little food to try and pay theses business debts and the house payments.

All my life ive always helped other people i feel disapointed an ashamed but am now begging for a miricle my parents are in there 70s and i dont want them to be in the street or me for that matter, i normaly help those that are in the street .

If anyone can sincerly help me from the bottom of there hearts and find a genuine feeling from god or are hearing a voice to help please i beg you im an angal thats been persicuted and thrown to the ground but if you can help me get my wings back and my faith in human society i will play it on to others that need our help.

Regards and god Bless david email me at if you can help or know someone or some how or just want to chat to get to know each other as freinds please contact me.


About Pinkladybugs

Hello, I am a 50 yrs old christian widow that's disabled by Post Concussive Sydrome. It has been truly difficult over the years since my disability in 1995. I am in desperate need or dental work. I have a low income dental plan but still can't affordcome the work I need done on my teeth. I have always loved to smile but as I got older my teeth have suffered. I saw my new dentist yesterday. She  prescribed a plan to get my back my smile but the proceedures that I needed to have done are more than I can afford. Because I have three broken  and or decayed teeth and two discolored just on the top portion of my mouth, a denture is suggested with the removal of the five I have left on top. I can't come up with the money I need for the proceedures to be done. I have no way to work for it because of my disability. I really don't see the light at the end of the tunnel with so little income and so many bills. I pray to the lord for help daily. I also have diabetes, anxiety disorder with painic attacks that I have to keep under control and I'm a stroke survivor. If anyone has any advice for me on where to look for the help I need, I would greatly appreciate it. May God Bless and Thank You.
 I have just found my new apartment at a govenment substadized property in Florida. I have found it hard to get my dental wook done though I do have a low cost dental plan. Still after my bills, I have no money for any of the work I badly need done. Along with the disability, I also am diabetic and a stroke survivor. I'm unsure what agencies there are that will acttually do something to help.
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About yesudas

Hai ,

          My name is sibi and I am from cochin .My family consists of father,mother,me and two sisters.Both sisters are married . My father is a fisherman and i am working in a private firm .My father borrowed money from local guys. Now we have financial problem .I need financial support .we have fiinancial problem of 3 Lakh

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About Dave37

Hi there,

I am 37 years old married to my permanant disabled wife which she's has Ellersdownlouse desease for the last 10 years now. We have three boys, one in high school and two that are in 5th grade, they are twins.  I lost my job and bills are building up and our vehicle is broke down. We need financial help, I don't know where else to turn. We have a mortgage and we can't keep our heads above water. My wife and I are very much afraid of loosing everything we have.


Thank you for your support,


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About krismig

Good day to all!

 I would like to ask assistance from you. My father suffered from CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE - HEMORRHAGE last Dec. 16, 2008. He underwent Craniectomy and Tracheostomy. He is presently bedridden, quadriplegic and on NGT feeding. Since then he is in & out of the hospital for check ups & for rehabilitation.


I am the only child in the family and I'm the only one taking care of his needs.  His monthly maintenance costs Php60,000.00.  I was able to secure that amount in the previous months but, now I have nothing to give and I really don't know what to do.


In this connection, I would like to ask assistance from you  for his monthly medication.



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A Daydream that something could go right....

I know, it's the biggest longshot ever.... but I found out about that free charity car site through here, and boy, it would b nice to have  car again. It would solve  LOT of poblems for me. Whnever I it's at the end of next month or sooner.... I'm going to have to somehow get me and my pets and my stuffsomewhere. In only two days I have a bunch of friends and 75 votes, so I'm smiling about it.

I'm still up, this toothache is maddning, but I'm going to have to somehow live with it for a few days. I have an appointment with a free lawyer on wedesdy, and I don't think I want to have an extraction or a root canal or something on the same day!

So much to pack, even in a tiny place, and so much to throw away that got damaged in the flood. 

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About briggie

I am a 27 year old single mother of a onderful 9 year old boy. I just moved up north where its cheaper and I havent worked since april and cannot find any job. I have tried so many places so many applications. I just need some help to get me on my feet so I am not so behind. It is so stressful not haveing any money. I have a car but cannot even afford gas. My son is such a sweet heart and has been so good and understanding. If anyone can help me I would so greatly appriciate it. Thanks

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Single Mother needs help!!

I am a recent single Mother of 4 girls. I have been unemployed since Sept. and can not find work. I have asked all agencies in the area for assistance. If assistance is available somewhere maybe I haven't looked please email me

I am now at the end of my rope. I am back on rent and being evicted if I do not pay it by the 16th. The total I owe is $995. My phone is already turned off cause I can not pay it and we do not have cable or internet, those are a not real nessecities.

I have always worked and did real good. Now I am down on my luck and can't find anyone who maybe able give me a little assistance. I see how bad the economy is right now and I feel sorry for all us American's who are struggling.

May God shine through for us in our toughest hour. Please pray for me and my girls that we maybe able to keep a roof over our heads for another month.

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HELP!! We need some help!!!

I need to come up with $995 for our back rent and current rent so we can keep a roof over our heads for atleast another month. I am unemployed and trying to keep a roof over me and my 4 kids' head. I am in real need of assistance and never had to ask for help before. Normally I am the one helping others, now I find myself needing help. Please if you can help it would be greatly appreciated...Thank you and God Bless... 

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About neannie

I am a recently single mother of 4 wonderful girls aged 11,13,14,and 17. I lost my job and have been struggling to make ends meet for me and my girls. We are now back in rent and on the verge of eviction unless it is paid. I only have until the 16th of Dec to pay it off. So far I have been unable to come up with the amount that is needed. At this point our Christmas and our future are not looking so bright. I have worked very hard my entire life and never had to ask for assistance. Now here I am looking for and asking for assistance of any kind so we may have a roof over our heads for christmas. I need cash assistance for the rent and to pay my phone bill.  Every turn I take I keep running into a wall. I have never felt so helpless before in my life..I pray that there is someone out there who can help me in some way.

I thank you and God Bless you..

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Broke(n) through the holidays any help or advice would be apriciated

I am curently off of work due to an injury. Im still waiting for workmans comp to kick in if they even do since theres an investigation going on to determine if I actually hurt myself at work or not and why my doctor took me off work rather than light duty.Its a mess and in the meantime the stack of bills is getting larger.A shut off notice from the electric company and the thoughts of the eviction from my apartment thats sure to come in the begining of next month have me worrying night and day.I live with my fiance whos income is only around $450 a month.Its a check sent to him once a month for taking care of his mother.He's been unable to find a job for over a year now so I was the primary bread winner.We were only just getting by before.Ive draged my feet and have had to ask my mother for help with such things as toilet paper.We have no children but theres a chance I may be pregnant now(waiting for a doctors apointment to find out).We'd been waiting for a break in the bills..just one month of a surprise lower payment or if nothing else then for tax time in order to send him to school to become a nurse aid as well as to get the new glasses he needs(they are severly scratched and are taped together). Now however Im franticly searching for a way to get him into those classes,the next one being offered in March.Its more important now than ever since my doctor has advised me to find a new profesion(im a nurse aid).I simply cannot do my line of work.I'm scared.His monthly check can only cover utilitys or car payment.I have a car through a buy here/pay here company that makes no alowances to people who simply dont have the money this month.Its cash or repo.

The car payment is $320($160 every 2 weeks so that decembers would be $480),car insurance(full coverage mandatory through the car company) is $180.Our electric runs around $90 plus the $50 I owe them by the 23rd of this month to avoid shut off.Gas runs around the same along with the $25 I owe by the end of the month to avoid shut off.Rent is $600.We recive food stamps but still struggle getting other non covered items like toilet paper,dog food,gas for the car,laundry soap,ect.

Im not getting any better and have no idea when I can return to work.tests are still being ran to see if there was nerve damage in my injury.I feel so lost and completly helpless.

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desperate mom in need of help

Desperate single mom in need of financial help.  Recently divorced mom who is in desperate financial need.  If I can't come with rent, my daughter and I will be homeless.  As well as our gas and electricity will be shut off.  Im trying to get disability and stuggling so hard.  If anyone who can find it in their heart to help, we would be eternally grateful.  May God bless you.



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